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Prince's Grant rentals

Prince’s Grant Rentals – Take a Hike

Prince’s Grant Rentals – Take a Hike

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Autumn is a wonderful time of the year to go on holiday. The weather is milder, the sun is gentler and life seems to slow down…just a little. Heading to Prince’s Grant rentals for an autumn getaway will undoubtedly have you anticipating rounds of golf and balmy, breezy days on the shores of the warm Indian Ocean. The author, Elizabeth Lawrence, suggests that ‘everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.’  We believe that the best way to do this is to take a hike in nature.


Holidaying at Prince’s Grant rentals means your days can easily be filled. Why not spend a couple of them hiking, to reconnect with nature? (Nothing too strenuous – you are on holiday after all!) 


‘A walk in nature walks the soul back home’ [Mary Davis]

We may not be able to articulate the beauty of autumn with words, but we can certainly experience it with hiking boots. Crunching crisp sunburnt leaves underfoot and inhaling the sweet chill of the changing seasons will certainly reorder your senses and your world.

The Umhlanga Lagoon hiking trail is perfect for families, beginners, or those who just want to idle slowly in Nature’s presence. The 2km walk to the lagoon is an ideal outing, a mere 50 minutes away from Prince’s Grant rentals. The diversity will keep everyone engaged – a wetland, a wooden boardwalk and a coastal dune forest. For the littlies, make this an educational scavenger hunt! See who can spot the most birds and forest animals. The prize, however, goes to the one who spots the 500 year old Stinkwood Tree. Pack a picnic basket as there are scenic spots en-route to stop and ‘watch the leaves turn.’

Once at the lagoon, you can spend the rest of the day on the beach before heading back to your Prince’s Grant rental, hopefully all the better for being surrounded by  nature’s magic.


‘Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.’ [John Muir]

The Ballito North to Salt Rock Trail is where some of your paths will not only be dirt, but sandy, rocky and rugged. The trek to get there is only 20 minutes from Prince’s Grant rentals. The 5km beach trail along Umhlali Beach offers breath-taking views and refreshing dips in the tidal pools. Make sure your camera is packed – you will need to stop frequently to capture scenic backdrops along the way!

Prince's Grant rentals

Besides your hiking boots, don’t forget your costume and snorkel. This trail along sandy beaches and cliffs takes just over an hour at a comfortable pace, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the sea spray, tidal pools, and sand between your toes.


‘I go to nature to be soothed and healed and to have my senses put in order.’ [John Burroughs]

The Paradise Valley Nature Reserve, just over an hour from Princes’ Grant rentals, is exactly what its name suggests – paradise. Here you get not just one, but four scenic trails. The 2km circular Waterfall trail  meanders along the Umbilo river down to a shimmering waterfall. This is a fun and easy walk, especially for the kids.

If you want to take your dogs on your hike, then head over to Virginia Bush Nature Reserve, only an hour away from your Prince’s Grant rental. The only sounds you will hear along the 2km circular route are the sounds of nature, your own breathing, and the delighted curiosity of little hikers as they explore the forest. With ocean views and the chance to relax at the dam at the end of your hike, you will be reminded of the healing power of nature.

As you plan your autumn break at Prince’s Grant rentals, make sure your bathing costumes, snorkelling equipment, buckets and spades, golf clubs, cameras and hiking boots are packed – you will need them all.


If you have not yet booked your autumn weekend away or holiday at Princes Grant rentals, then you are just a click away from experiencing luxury accommodation and a much deserved sojourn in nature. If hiking is really not your thing, please visit our travel tips to fill your days with a host of other activities.



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