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Prince’s Grant Rentals – A Trip to the Past

Prince’s Grant Rentals – A Trip to the Past

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You may not be a history buff, and visiting an historical or heritage site might not be top of your family’s to-do list on a weekend away or holiday to Prince’s Grant rentals. But the very site on which Prince’s Grant sits dates back to the 1800’s and the KZN north coast is known as the ‘Jewel of the Zulu kingdom’ – rich in history and tales of the past.


Local history enriches our lives and contributes to our national identity and self-knowledge – connecting us to those who have gone before. If you are vacationing at one of Prince’s Grant rentals, then history and culture are all around you – no matter whether your roots are Dutch, British, Indian or Zulu.

Taking a trip to the past means visiting Durban, and further inland, to experience some of the fascinating historical and heritage sites. Exposure to the past leads to understanding, respect and tolerance – always a good part of a holiday to-do list.


The Old Fort

Barack Obama said that ‘the best history doesn’t just sit behind a glass case; it helps us to understand what’s outside the case.’

Just 1 hour from Prince’s Grant rentals, on the Umgeni Road, The Old Fort will spoil you with memorabilia from the 1842 battle between the Dutch Boers and the British. You only need an hour to wander around and appreciate the artefacts, each whispering their own compelling story from the past.

Used as army barracks until 1897, today the Old Fort barracks have been converted into cottages for war veterans.The tiny wedding chapel was originally an old military magazine.


The Phoenix Settlement


After hearing about cannonballs being fired back and forth at the Old Fort, travel just 20 km north of Durban to the Phoenix Settlement (A SA Heritage Site) on the Inanda route. This historical landmark, from 1904, was Mahatma Ghandi’s farm.

Ghandi’s house (a reconstruction, as the original was burnt down in the 1985 Inanda riots) is named ‘Sarvodaya,’ which means ‘well-being for all.’ His printing press which was for the publication of his newspaper, ‘Opinion,’ is one of the onsite tourist attractions. There is much to learn about Ghandi’s contribution to the community and to the road to democracy in SA. If you are staying at Prince’s Grant rentals, note that the settlement is open from Mondays to Saturdays.


Inchanga Railway Station


Not a history buff? Well how about a steam train buff? Let the kid inside you come alive at the Inchanga Railway Station and Museum where you can learn about the steam train’s contribution to early public transport. Steam trains of a bygone era will bring out the romantic in all of us. The small museum is crammed full of pictures and objects to delight all ages.

If your stay at Princes Grant rentals coincides with the last Sunday of the month, then you and your family can book a trip on the Inchanga Choo Choo steam locomotive. Departing from Kloof, it chugs off to Inchanga station, via the Valley of a Thousand Hills. From your window, you will view rolling green hills and Victorian architecture.




For a cultural day out, travel NW from Prince’s Grant rentals to Shakaland Cultural Village in Eshowe. This is the place to visit if you want to learn more about the Zulu nation’s fascinating history, explore its contribution to modern society, and be exposed to a small taste of Zulu culture. As a replica of a Zulu homestead, this is where you can experience Zulu customs and traditions in an authentic and fun way.

Confucius was right when he said; ‘Study the past if you would define the future.’

From Prince’s Grant rentals you have 4 options, just over an hour away, to immerse yourself in part of our country’s history and take a trip to the past. To plan your holiday with and a bit of added history at one of Prince’s Grant luxury rentals, please visit us online to request a quote.


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