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Prince’s Grant Rentals – Coffee at the Beach

Prince’s Grant Rentals – Coffee at the Beach

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Sometimes you need a holiday to recover from a holiday. Prince’s Grant rentals is the perfect spot, offering weary travelers a relaxing start to the new year. To kick start 2019, there is nothing better than combining a weekend away at the beach with caffeine and coffee shops.


What could be more inspirational than roaming coastal towns and their respective coffee shops? The ideal starting point to plan your year ahead is from your luxury accommodation at Prince’s Grant rentals.

In our previous blog, we highlighted the beautiful beach options surrounding Prince’s Grant. Each offers a variety of coffee shop options from which to plan your day, connect with friends, start writing the book you’ve always intended to or to strategize your personal and business goals for the year. The added motivation is the fresh aroma of a cup of brew.


Caffe Lattes and New Year’s resolutions

If you long for a tranquil spot to pause, breathe and contemplate – then the enchanted ‘forest’ setting of the Waterberry Coffee Shoppe in Ballito should be your first port of call. On the edge of the pond, the floor-to-ceiling windows look out onto untouched indigenous trees, birdsong, and shy duikers. There is no better setting to take stock and make resolutions for the coming year. This is not the time to remove cake as one of your New Year’s resolutions, as that may mean missing out on the delicious 4 layer chocolate cake, or decadent white chocolate, roasted almonds, and nougat cheesecake. The Waterberry’s deli shelves are jam-packed with preserves, biscuits, fudge and artisanal goodies for you to take back and enjoy at your Prince’s Grant rentals.


Cappuccinos and Personal Goals

Whatever your personal goals for the year may be, coffee is the right medicine to help you articulate them. A foamy cappuccino can make everything clearer. Setting these goals will definitely be helped along by cappuccinos at The Sage Café and Deli with a side order of triple dark chocolate nougat brownies and vanilla ice-cream. Another favourite is the deep fried homemade chocolate wrapped in phyllo pastry. Boasting the perfect cappuccino and rusk combination on the North Coast, the Beanstruk Boutique Roastery at Salt Rock is where you will further discover great coffee and great inspiration. Make sure you stock up on any of their boutique roasted blends which are ground onsite.


Espressos and Business Plans

We all know that an escape to the beach is just that – an escape. The real world awaits and so does your career. Strategizing your career and business goals require some serious caffeine as you take stock of your vision for the year ahead. The atmosphere of the BBM Café in Umhlali is where you can contemplate the past year and where you want to go in the year ahead. With an onsite bakery, enjoying freshly baked treats will amply assist you with your career planning.


Americanos and Enjoying the View.

Situated on a small cliff perched just above the Ballito promenade and with panoramic views, The Galley in Ballito is the perfect spot to relax and regroup after a brisk early morning stroll, a game of golf, or just a lazy day on the beach. If you are looking for the chill factor before waving farewell to Prince’s Grant, then let the sound of the waves wash underneath you as you enjoy an Americano overlooking the beach.


As your stay comes to an end, you will hopefully be heading back home relaxed, motivated, inspired and ready for the year ahead. Now is the time to go online and book your out of season weekend or holiday away at one of the luxurious Prince’s Grant Rentals.



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