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Prince’s Grant Rentals – ‘Are we there yet?’

Prince’s Grant Rentals – ‘Are we there yet?’

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The Easter holidays are just a few weeks away. You have booked your family accommodation at Prince’s Grant rentals and are eagerly looking forward to some much needed RnR. Visions of lying on the beach with your holiday read are suddenly interrupted by your toddler’s tugging and your tween’s whining. This is often your reality – even while on holiday.


A family holiday with children conjures up images of incessant car games and frustration: ‘I spy with my little eye,’ and ‘Are we there yet?’ And once you finally do get there, ‘We are bored’ is the early morning wake-up call. This is all part of the joys of going on holiday with kids. You are exhausted just thinking about how you will keep the kids entertained and busy. At Prince’s Grant rentals – we have your holiday with kids sorted – even creating precious space for the RnR bit.


Beach babes

A holiday by the beach should be just that –time at the beach – no matter your age. From babies and toddlers to tween and teens, you are spoilt with wonderful beaches on your Prince’s Grant rentals’ doorstep.

Prince's Grant rentals

We cannot pack the baby bag for you – but once toes hit the sand – kids of all ages will be entertained, for free, for hours on end. The mild coastal weather and warm Indian Ocean promise hours of fun and play. And while your little ones build sandcastles or take a nap under the umbrella – you can flip through your magazine or holiday romance novel.

Needing ideas for a day (or three) at the beach? In a previous blog, we highlighted the best beaches just around the corner.



Venturing out to Burnedale Farm and Café, half an hour from Prince’s Grant rentals will be worth the road trip with littlies on board. On arrival, grab a take-away coffee and sit on a bench as the kids rush off to the petting zoo or playground area. You can relax in the beautiful surroundings as they use up their endless energy. Suggesting a game of hide-and-seek may just earn you a few extra minutes of peace and quiet. If Dad or older siblings are willing babysitters, moms can even book an express manicure or pedicure at the onsite Beauty Salon and Spa. For tweens and teens, creative workshops in sand art and beadwork will ensure that everyone is kept happily busy.


An afternoon drive

You may need to stock up with a little ‘padkos’ for the kids for this 1 hour drive from Prince’s Grant rentals, but it would be a shame to miss out on the Eshowe Butterfly Dome experience. For young or old, butterflies create wonder and delight in us all. The walk-in, geodesic-shaped dome greenhouse is where butterflies flutter around you in all their colourful glory. The exhibit simulates the butterfly’s natural environment by featuring indigenous host and nectar plants.


A sugar rush

For the energetic kiddos, Sugar Rush Park is where you can start a Saturday off on the right track with a 5km family-friendly park run.  Reward yourselves with a leisurely breakfast at the finish line. Mountain bike enthusiasts can expend the rest of their energy by cycling the 1km forest track. The little ones can play to their heart’s content: enjoying jungle gyms, tractor rides, putt-putt,  trampoline park, lazer games or the petting zoo, while you just relax and enjoy the charming farm setting. Or spoil yourself at TUWA Beauty Spa for a relaxing massage or pampering beauty treatment. Only 35 minutes from Prince’s Grant Rentals, the park is open from Monday to Sunday. Early birds will be happy to know that the park can be accessed from 05h30 in the morning.


Strike it rich

‘Striking it rich’ is just half an hour away from Prince’s Grant rentals. Lucky Linton Gold Mine is where the kiddies can dig for ‘gold’ and precious stones at the Scratch Patch. A wondrous place and picnic spot, there are also pony rides and bass fishing onsite. A genuine Gold mine, established in 1880, the mine shaft and museum of artefacts are a worthwhile educational and fun experience.


Be a Picasso

For budding artists, Art at Angies at the Karibu Garden Centre offers adult and children’s classes. Bring out your creativity and head home with a masterpiece.

So to all moms and dads, rest assured. There is so much to look forward to as you plan your family holiday at Princes’ Grant rentals. We have no control over the road trip, but once you arrive at your luxury accommodation, you can just relax, have fun and enjoy the holiday.


All you have to do is pack your bags and go online to view all available Prince’s Grant rentals and request a quote.

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