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Prince's Grant rentals

Prince’s Grant Rentals – Where Adventure Calls

Prince’s Grant Rentals – Where Adventure Calls

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There is a dictum that says, ‘If you are ever in a situation where your life flashes before you – make sure you have something to watch.’ This calls to the hidden adventurer in all of us, motivating us to grab opportunities and embrace experiences. 


From Land to Sea to Sky

If you have booked a holiday at one of Prince’s Grant rentals on the KZN north coast, all kinds of adventure await – from hiking and cycling on land, snorkeling and surfing in the ocean, to floating in the skies with micro-lighting.


Land adventures

For those who get seasick or are afraid of heights, there are plenty of land adventure activities to enjoy. For an ideal family day out, grab your camera and hiking shoes and head to Ballito, just half an hour away from your luxury Prince’s Grant rental. This is the starting point of the Ballito North to Salt Rock Trail – a comfortable 5km hiking trail which traverses the spectacularly scenic and rugged coastline. Look out for unique rock formations and marine life, while stretches of white sand and irresistible tidal pools provide a welcome distraction along the way.

When the tide comes in, there are optional cliff paths to help you navigate your way around. During the summer season, you will have the rare opportunity of watching local sand artists at work creating their masterpieces. Tidal Tao offers a unique and educational rocky shore night walk, where you will get a completely different view of the coastline while spotting night critters and marine life that will delight all. Numbers are limited to 15, so booking is essential.


For the cyclists and mountain bikers, adventure is right up your alley at Sugar Rush Park, a charming farm setting filled with outdoor adventure activities for the entire family. The mountain biking track is a 1km network of trails that wind their way through the scenic, onsite gum tree forest. Sugar Rush Park is also host to one of South Africa’s popular weekly 5km Park Runs.


Take to the Sea with adventures near Prince’s Grant Rentals

Snorkeling ranks as one of the most popular and safest ocean activities. Down the road from Prince’s Grant Rentals, the 2-hour “Discover Snorkelling Safari” at Tidal Tao is perfect for first-timers to get a glimpse of the wonders of the ocean. Small groups and qualified guides offer you an unforgettable experience. You will definitely be back for more! In fact, you can return at night for a different kind of  adrenaline rush with Tidal Tao’s “Night Snorkelling Safari.” This may not be for the faint-hearted, but you will witness a magical and colourful world of underwater marine life you would never see during the day. The highlight is viewing the corals with UV light. 


If watching surfers catching barrels and riding waves gives you a thrill, then thanks to Ballito Surf School you no longer need to be a ‘hodad’ (a wannabe surfer who spends time at the beach but never surfs). Pick up a board, sign up for a few lessons to learn the ropes and the basics, and soon you will be out there duck diving and making the drop. ‘Surf’s up’ will become one of your favourite phrases.


Sky adventures

For a birds-eye view of the KZN Dolphin coastline, ComeFly is just the place to give you wings and help you soar – offering you microlight trips just a couple of kilometers from the coast. Accomplished and experienced instructors guarantee your safety while you enjoy the thrill of flying. Starting from Tinley Manor with the option of either venturing north up to the Tugela River Mouth, or cruising south, past Salt Rock and Ballito to Zimbali, you will fly over unspoiled beaches, sugar cane fields and rolling hills. Anyone from the age of 9 upwards can fly. There is, however, a weight restriction of 120kg. As micro lighting is dependent on the prevailing wind conditions, it is advisable to confirm bookings the day before.


Within easy access of Prince’s Grant rentals, your adventure awaits. Be it land, sea, sky, or all three, you are definitely in for a treat of note. For further travel tips and ideas, be those beach activities or golf activities, catch up on all our previous blogs. Plan your holiday adventure today -, simply go online to view all available Prince’s Grant rentals and request a quote.



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